Jody and Athena Rayburn, Owners of Get It Gone

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Get it Gone is a cutting edge, recycling minded, company that operates with state of the art scheduling and merchant services software allowing a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to get rid of your unwanted items.

Owners Jody and Athena live in Manor, with their 3 dogs (Roxy, Zoey, and Penny), 2 cats (Izzy and Layla) and fish (Squishy). They started Get it Gone in 2013, and have personally worked each job as the business began to grow. Today, Jody works either by himself or with a helper executing jobs, while Athena manages the scheduling, finances, and administrative side.

You can call or text: Jody, (512) 514-5737 | Athena, (512) 965-4339

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