Garage and Home Clean-Outs


Strictly by quote.

We will gladly swing by and look at the what needs to be accomplished, but our experience is that the customer is generally not good at describing the job over the phone.

These jobs generally occur when a property is being prepared for sale or re-lease. In such cases, often the condition and smell affect the perception of the volume of what needs to be removed. Papers strewn throughout a room may present an appearance of a lot more to be cleaned-up than there really is, or conversely a room with books stacked from floor to ceiling on all walls may look tidy, but take a lot more effort to remove than just bagging trash on the floor.

Please let us take an on-sight look and we’ll give you a bid before we even send a truck.

If time doesn’t permit we can provide references as to the competitiveness of our prices but that is not preferred approach with new customers.


Compare prices… check references… call us… and set appointment…

We’re uniformed, insured, courteous and professional.

Your peace of mind and safety of your property are our first priorities … so, … We will confirm your appointment and give you a courtesy call 30 minutes before arrival. We will arrive in a clean pickup with an enclosed trailer. We have the ramps and dollies so everything is handled with finesse…everything is protected from the elements which keeps items salvageable and nothing “falls off the truck” as we exit your neighborhood.

This service is often associated with a move. Either an apartment or rental has been vacated and needs that first cleaning before repairs, or a dwelling is being readied for sale or there is a closing with a provision that this miscellaneous debris be removed.

We understand that this service is sometimes time sensitive and will work to fit into the schedule of the customer.

The amount of effort is generally within the scope of Get it Gone. Materials will be bagged and abandoned furniture hauled off. The grounds will raked and floors swept to a construction level readiness. This service is not meant as a final cleaning, but rather as preparatory to that service. If the service requires a bigger effort we will use our sister company Austin Cleanup and Container to handle, or augment our efforts.

Get it Gone is not driven by the costs of running a large company with a big mandatory ad budget, royalties, large diesel trucks and staffed with crews. We are compact and efficient. So, we are perfect to help out with small jobs, like taking your mattress.


Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

We are extremely dedicated to avoiding the landfill…

However, that it not usually possible when the materials have been left behind by the prior residents. There are always exceptions, but in general the debris left behind is destined for the landfill. It stands to reason that unless someone is skipping out on rent that they are going to take everything valuable with them. One of the exceptions is organic debris, like brush and branches. This can be mulched.  

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