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      This review is several weeks overdue. We had a broken freezer and s fridge that we needed removed. I called on a Friday and scheduled them for the following Tuesday. They called me on Monday and offered to come early since they were in the area, which was awesome! The price was the Best of multiple companies we had called. They came and took care of the removal,  polite, professional. Will definitely use them again.

    Used them again to remove construction debris from a remodel. They came out the day before Thanksgiving and took it all away. Charged for the truck and an hours work. They worked really hard and really fast. Super impressed with these guys, their work ethic, pricing, customer service...  not easy things to find in any company but especially difficult in construction.

    thumb Tatiana G.

      Jody and his crew were terrific as always.  Friendly and helpful.  Careful with everything. Great!!!!

    thumb Susan J.

      I got myself in a jam and needed a working range removed and dropped off for donation.  Called Jody at 8:30 and he and another guy showed up at 10:30 to take it away. Wow. These guys are great. I paid less than $50 for an emergency haul...can't beat that!

    thumb Lisa D.

      Called Jody to get a bunch of junk left over after my contractor skipped out on clean up after getting a deck built and new door put in. He was super nice, fast and easy to deal with even for an introvert like me. He made the whole process painless. I will definitely use them again. Very fair pricing with accurate quote and he answered all my questions. I can't sing their praises enough.


    thumb Caitlin M.

      Jody and Athena are awesome! Jody showed up on time and cleared everything out of the garage, house, and backyard in record time!

    We didn't have anything organized but he was able to sort it out and load it all up with no problems.

    Very reasonable rates, extremely professional and reliable! We'll definitely recommend them to anyone and we look forward to using their services next time!!

    thumb Postess M.

      What a great service!  I signed up online and got an appointment right away.  They showed up on time and the price was very reasonable.  I would use them again.

    thumb Judy F.

      Athena was terrific! She got my bed frame out of my apartment in no time. Highly recommend as  they are friendly, affordable, and extremely professional.

    thumb Tara C.

      Game changer! Requested a quote online - that same morning a garage full of kitchen remodeling debris, old appliances, and some other junk were gone, and at a great price. Jody was on time, quick, courteous, and professional - this is his own business and he knows what he's doing. We will be using Get it Gone again!

    thumb Traci R.

      Extremely easy experience! It's especially quick to set up the appointment on the web. You get a courtesy call 30 mins prior to arrival. Once there, they didn't try to charge more, and they are set up to easily accept credit card payment. Would definitely recommend to my friends!

    thumb David S.


Angie’s List Reviews


They came out very quickly and when they arrived, the owner was the one at the job. I had several more large items in addition to the 3 bulk items included in the deal including a cushion and several bags. He just told me that he would take it all at no additional cost and was incredibly friendly. He truly went above and beyond, was kind and sincere and I was very very happy with the experience.”


I scheduled the appointment online thru Austin Cleanup and got a discount. We recently moved and had a ton of boxes and plastic that needed to be hauled away. He showed up Saturday morning, gave me a quote and hauled EVERYTHING away. Very energetic and polite. Called later in the day to say they’d found a pyrex pie dish that looked like it had been packed and asked if I’d like them to bring it back or if I intended to throw it away.”


The providers were punctual, efficient, personable, reasonably priced and professional. They arrived with a commercial style dumpster on a truck. They rolled it out and loaded everything in less than thirty minutes. I asked them what they do with the items they haul away. They take them back to their yard, disassemble what they can, donate when possible, recycle when possible and take the rest to the land fill.”


We were having a hard time finding out how to get rid of two twin mattress. We called several places but our job was to small or they wanted to charge too much ($100) When we called Get It Gone we left a message. They returned our call promptly and quoted a price of $55 for the removal. We scheduled a pick up for the very next day and they gave us a time window for there arrival. They called about an hour early and Updated our time window to a 30 minute window. Mr and Mrs Rayburn on time. They were dressed very nice and clean cut looking couple. This is a very nice husband and wife team. They were a pleasure to deal with and we will always use them.”

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